I get by with a little help from my friends...


So if there is something I hate more than anything in this world, I would probably have to say that it's asking for help. I'm very stubborn and independent at times. Sometimes that is a great asset and at other times it kind of kicks me in the rear end. I'm at a crossroads in my life where I need to let my independence guard down for once and be vulnerable so that I can get to the next level where I need to be.


I've never owned a professional grade digital camera (DSLR) and have been getting by for the last few years by using an old 8MP point and shoot digital camera as well as borrowing equipment from my employer. Pretty soon I will be stepping way out of my comfort zone and take a huge leap of faith by leaving my current job in order to follow bigger dreams and higher aspirations. Once that happens I will no longer have access to professional equipment and will no longer be able to work as a professional photographer without purchasing my own gear. 


This is where you all come in and where I have to let my vulnerability show up. I don't know if you've ever shopped for a DSLR or camera equipment but that stuff is pricey! It's something I definitely can't do own my own. If you could please swing by my crowd funding page to take a look, share it with all your contacts, and possibly spare some change out of your pockets I would be forever grateful. Not only are you helping continue my passion financially but every donation sent my way is also emotional support that shows me that there are people out there who enjoy my work and believe in me. That emotional support is worth more to me than the dollars themselves.


So please help me. That takes a lot for me to say so I hope you can reach out and check out the page. Once you get there if all you can spare is a share then I'll gladly take it!


Thanks everyone! Your support really does mean the world to me.


Extra Special Thank You

From the deepest and most sincere place in my heart, thank you to those who have contributed financially. The support I expected is being outmatched by the support I'm actually receiving. I wouldn't be able to continue creating wonderful images without these people;

All anonymous donors

Mauro Garza

Hannah Smith

Thomas & Danielle Trevino